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women with guts: motivational moments

Join me in these weekly short videos that will give you a little motivational boost!

These videos are part of my Women With GUTS Facebook Community Group formed to help women navigate through life's transitions using inspirational tools and techniques.

If you are interested in joining this special group of enlightened women, please contact me here or scroll to the bottom of this page.


Women with Guts PODCAST!

This inspirational program is designed to help you overcome daily challenges and obstacles as you navigate life’s transitions.

You will learn from other women, who have the GUTS to turn negative situations into more positive and productive ones.


In a nutshell, GUTS is an acronym that stands for: G- Gaining knowledge, U- Using positive affirmations, T-Training your thoughts, S-Setting realistic goals.


Through newsletters, documentaries and podcasts, the Women with GUTS program highlights stories of incredible women who move fearlessly through life’s transitions, despite the odds stacked against them.

Women with GUTS! Documentary


This video program features inspiring stories of four women who have the GUTS to make a difference. In this documentary, Deb Cottle, demonstrates how her proven 4Step GUTS Formula can create positive changes in the lives of women everywhere. Featuring Denise Brown, Dr. Connie Haan,  Patricia Gulick and Rubyanna Garza. Available on DVD.


“It is up to each of us to create innovative ways to live more enriching lives.

I am passionate about helping others find the GUTS

to unlock the inner self to reach their fullest potential.”
Deb Cottle

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how i can help you

become a woman with guts!

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