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The Music & Motivation audio CD is a unique mix of Deb Cottle's inspiring talks, including her 4-Step GUTS Formula, with Rubyanna's motivational lyrics written from her personal experiences, set to music rooted in the folk/Americana genre.


In this audio program, Deb combines her motivating talks with inspiring music performed by Rubyanna, who was chosen specifically for the enriching value of her work. "It is up to each of us to create innovative ways to live more enriching lives. I am passionate about helping others find the GUTS to reach their fullest potential." -- Deb Cottle

Singer/Songwriter Rubyanna began her musical career at the age of 15. Motivated by an inspirational uncle, Rubyanna began performing as a vocalist, rising to finalist of the Mid-Michigan Idol competition. Now an accomplished singer/songwriter, Rubyanna's music is best described as motivational. Her powerful lyrics come from stories of her personal life, including her experience as a sexual abuse survivor. Rubyanna's musical arrangements are rooted in the folk/Americana genre, yet contain elements of rap, R&B and hip hop. "I hope to share my experiences with as many people as possible through my music. In doing so, I know I can help each person reach the strength they possess inside." -- Rubyanna

Music & Motivation

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